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May 9, 2015


Laboratorio Fisica in Moto

Federico Corni leads Fisica in Moto (FIM), an Industrial Educational Laboratory (IEL). The lab is hosted by the Ducati Foundation which was created by the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati Motor Holding in early 2006.

The name Fisica in Moto is a pun in Italian, meaning both “physics of motorcycles” and “physics of motion.” FIM is a joint effort by technicians at Ducati, teachers of the Malpighi Lyceum in Bologna, and researchers in education at the  University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

For school, FIM represents a resource: it is a modern technological laboratory of physics placed in a fascinating context. For the enterprise this kind of commitment is a means of promoting technological innovation and scientific and technical culture of the region. For the university, FIM represents an opportunity to design, develop and test new educational approaches and methodologies.

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Images from a film showing activities at the
2012 Summer School at Fisica in Moto at Ducati in Bologna…