Center for Narrative in Science — Events

May 8, 2015


The Center organizes workshops and talks devoted to current issues in narrative and science


SNF Exploratory Workshop on Narrative in Science
July 6-9, 2015
Weissbad, Appenzell, Switzerland

Exploratory Workshop on Narrative in Science

July 6-9, 2015
Hotel Hof, Weissbad, Appenzell, Switzerland

Sponsored by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), ZHAW Stiftung, and IAMP (Institute for Applied Mathematics and Physics) at ZHAW, Winterthur, Switzerland

We will hold an Exploratory Workshop in Switzerland for investigating and defining a research agenda of a Center for Narrative in Science. This center is to be created as part of a proposed EU project (Narrative in Science Communication and Technical Education). It will be the research arm of an initiative directed at developing modern education and training of the coming generations in industrial and related settings. The workshop aims at bringing together leading experts from fields as diverse as cognitive science, anthropology, economics, developmental psychology, science and engineering education, history of science, and linguistics and narratology.

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