Center for Narrative in Science


The CNS is a research and service center for all matters relating to the study of narrative in science (natural, human, and social)

With this site, we wish to serve interested parties and the public in a variety of ways by…

publishing results of research and discussions by members of CNS, by partners, and by anyone interested in sharing their ideas and comments

making available materials for download

allowing interested parties to engage in discussion of isues that will be available online in a timely fashion

announcing activities and events

announcing services such as courses and workshops for teachers, jounalists, and anyone engaged in science communication

Anyone interested in the question of narrative in science is cordially invited to participate in this endeavor…

Recently added…
Types and uses of narrative in science and education
by Hans Fuchs

Primary Science Education
by Federico Corni

Fisica in Moto
by Federico Corni

Perpetual Motion
by Marion Deichmann

SNF Exploratory Workshop on Narrative in Science
July 6-9, 2015
Weissbad, Appenzell, Switzerland

Images from Perpetual Motion, an animated story of forces of nature, by Marion Deichmann